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I am a qui­etly self-​​assured, con­fi­dent woman who tends toward the more relaxed side of life.  I have always pre­ferred the more inti­mate set­tings to the loud and crazy, so is it any won­der that I am a usu­ally found with my nose in a book?  But that doesn’t stop me from explor­ing and expe­ri­enc­ing the world around me.

I am extremely com­fort­able in my skin and have no prob­lem pro­claim­ing myself as a nerd/​geek.  I con­sider myself to be well-​​rounded in all aspects of my life and this extends to my read­ing habits as well.  I will read any­thing.  I read the boxes when I’m mak­ing din­ner and the sham­poo bot­tle when I’m show­er­ing, never mind that I’ve read them all a thou­sand times before.  I have even been known to have two or three books going at once.

In May 2011, I attended my third year at the Book Expo Amer­ica, my sec­ond year at the Book Blog­ger Con­ven­tion and my first ever Blog­World con­ven­tion.  In the fall of 2011 I attended my sec­ond Armadil­lo­Con here in Austin.

To sum it up, I am an addict of the writ­ten word.  Thank­fully, I am not alone in this and so through this blog, I share my life­long addic­tion with others.

While books and read­ing are a large part of my life, I am open to explor­ing all that life has to offer and will not hes­i­tate to try some­thing new.  I can find my way around the kitchen and make some pretty deli­cious meals.  I can fix your com­puter or set up your net­work in addi­tion to wiring your house with CAT5 con­nec­tions or even install a ceil­ing fan and light.  I’ll even put it on a remote.  I can install your floor­ing or paint your rooms, but don’t ask me to sew any­thing more than a but­ton.  Sewing is not my strong suit.

I’ve lived in var­i­ous parts of Con­necti­cut, Cal­i­for­nia, and Ver­mont, as well as New York City, and now I’ve set­tled in Austin for the time being.  I’ve trav­eled around the con­ti­nen­tal United States and whether it’s the city streets or the wooded trails, I can find my way around with com­fort and ease.  I love to be out­side hik­ing a trail or on the water canoe­ing or sail­ing, and I can’t wait to find my favorite places here in Austin.  I’ve done alpine ski­ing, cross-​​country ski­ing, ski­jor­ing, and want to try my hand at snow­board­ing.  I’ve piloted a plane over the Reno/​Lake Tahoe area and that is just a small part of the ever grow­ing list of things that I want to try my hand at.

I’ve worked in many indus­tries, from Real Estate to Insur­ance to Invest­ments to Tech­nol­ogy as an Exec­u­tive Assis­tant and am thank­ful for the new skills I pick up with each posi­tion.  One of my favorite posi­tions was work­ing as a dog trainer and the expe­ri­ences that came with that.  While my career path has been here and there and every­where, I have decided it is time to set­tle down and pur­sue my goal of obtain­ing a degree in Tech­ni­cal Writ­ing.  I am cur­rently pur­su­ing this at the local Com­mu­nity College.

For those that are inter­ested, here is my cur­rent resume.

Feel free to check out each sec­tion of my blog focus­ing on my book-​​related activ­i­ties, explor­ing with my pups, life in gen­eral, and other note­wor­thy pieces of infor­ma­tion I think need to be shared.

Thanks for stop­ping by, I hope you enjoy your stay.

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